Monday, December 17, 2007

Time Machine to the Rescue

For those without data backup systems, or even for some of you who do, I have a short story gone right...

Leopard Time Machine has already rescued a client from data disaster and down time. The loss of a hard drive can occur without any warning. One day the Mac works; the next day the drive is dead, signified by a flashing question mark on your screen during startup.

I can report to you that one client has already been there, and done that, with a minimum of stress. The hard drive mechanically failed shortly after the fortuitous install of Leopard. Replacement of the broken drive was followed by automatic restoration of all files and applications.

Some software upgrades are mere eye candy and hoopla. Leopard isn't.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Timely Time Machine

Apple OS 10.5, Leopard, may well be worth the upgrade solely for Time Machine. Data backup has always been a nuisance and a mess of software and hardware.

Time Machine is a feature of Leopard that simplifies data backup. All you need is one external hard drive, and one click of the mouse to setup automatic hourly, daily, and weekly backups. Not only is your data protected as a full copy of everything on your Mac, but Time Machine allows Mac users to go back to previous versions of files--great for that one file you inadvertently deleted yesterday.

Leopard. Check it out if you have no data backup system. Configuration is easy. Retrieving files is easy. What a concept!

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