Sunday, August 27, 2006

Getting the News Out -- Mac Pro, and WinXP Boot Camp

Apple computers have switched from the PowerPC processor to Intel. What does this mean for users?

I still get calls from prospective clients stating that they are considering the purchase of a "new" G5 Power Mac. The G5 Power Mac is gone forever. The current line of high-end Apple computing workstations is now the Mac Pro.

This marks the last of the consumer transitions to the Intel processor on the Mac OS platform. The Mac Pros are said to be more than twice as fast as the G5 Power Macs and sports four internal drive bays. This is one sweet machine for the graphic artists and video producers.

Now that the entire line of Apple consumer computers--the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and now the Mac Pro—all models now use Intel processors. Not everyone has heard that WinXP now runs natively on the Mac using Boot Camp. For those of you hesitating to buy a Mac because you have that one Windows application that you must have, now all Macs run WinXP--Natively. This means Macs are dual-booting. Not to be confused with clunky emulation sofware such as VirtualPC, the modern Macs can start up in either Mac OS X or WinXP.

A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch compares Mac versus PC laptop choices. Common processor diminishes Mac vs. PC debate

Such is the best of both worlds for those of you who want the ease and elegance of the Mac while retaining the ability to occasionally launch a Windows application.

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