Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The 21st Century Home — Wired for Speed

New home construction and major remodeling projects present opportunities to build in the infrastructure for modern data communications. Structured wiring is a bundle of various data communications paths including computer networks (Ethernet cables), video and audio streams (CATV-coaxial cable), voice (Ethernet or Cat-3) and often low-gauge copper wire used for various low-voltage devices such as security, baby minders, and intercom.

Here we see a data port that can be found in each room in a structured-wired home. Wires shown are: telephone and fax (black), computer network (green), and audio/video cables (black round).

The wiring panel seen above has two major components. On the left are the telephone and video distribution panels. On the right are the computer network hardware which includes, from top to bottom: cable Internet modem (beige), router (blue), and network switches at the bottom with blue Ethernet network cables connected.

Images, and detailed information, are from Structured Wiring How-To by Bob Catanzarite.

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