Saturday, September 09, 2006

Show Time at Apple — Movies, Video iPods, and a Home Theater

This coming Tuesday, Apple is expected to announce new video iPods to go with a new Apple movie download store. In the wake of Amazon's movie download scoop last Thursday, Apple is a week late and the initial offerings may be limited to Disney Studios. Notwithstanding, Amazon movies, called Unbox, might be better named "UnTV" because the files will not easily playback on TVs.

With the advent of larger-screen iPods and a new Apple movie download store, will we also see a new HTPC (home theater PC)? When asked during the April shareholder's meeting about the possibility of an Apple HTPC, Steve Jobs answered in the skewed affirmative, "We hear you loud and clear." Recent patent filings from Apple indicate a G4 Cube look-alike computer may be on the way. Is this an Apple HTPC device capable of synching with new video iPods and playing movies from the new Apple movie store on your HDTV?

Speculate all we want, we will know with no certainty before Tuesday.

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