Monday, October 16, 2006

In Search of the Elusive Paperless Office

Yeah, right.
Really. The paperless office is almost here.

Step One:
Instruct as many paper-senders such as banks, credit card companies, and other billers to deliver your bills electronically. Arrange to receive bills and invoices via e-mail.

Step Two:
For those inescapable mounds of paper flotsam filling the file cabinets of your small business, purchase a ScanSnap by Fujitsu. Scan incoming documents and periodically scan recent existing files filling up your filing cabinet.

Scanned documents using the ScanSnap are then filed in your virtual filing cabinet—The Mac.

Step Three:
Fax machine, be gone! No more multipurpose, all-in-one, tries-to-do-it-all devices, either. You can now toss out the fax machine with peace of mind.

For faxing documents, use your Mac instead of faxing a printed file. Your Mac is a virtual fax machine. Mac OS X has built-in fax capabilities. With a ScanSnap, scan any existing printed document you wish to fax, then fax it using the Mac. If you receive enough faxes on your Mac to interrupt your workflow, dedicate another Mac in your office for this duty.

Cut down on paper storage. Cut down on clutter. Cut down fewer trees.

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