Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Most Valuable Organizational Tool in the World

The most valuable computational hardware in the world is: Your Brain.
The most valuable organizational software in the world is: Your Thinking.

All the computer technology and software in the world couldn't organize a three-float parade.

Organization begins inside, flowing outward into the rest of the universe. If you're searching for just the right software tool, start with searching your own productive patterns.

How do you do what you do? What are the elements of data gathering, decision-making, and implementation in your non-computer world? If you had only a pencil and paper what would you do?

Computer organizational software can be useful but simply organizing your Mac files may be more effective and transformational. Start with clearing all the files from your desktop as metaphor for clearing your mind. Have a place to put them away at the end of each day. Track what's been done and what will follow in each inexorable, logical step tomorrow. Make room for calculated chaos in a "Stuff" folder providing necessary anarchy. Clean it out each week.

Not doing is equally as important as doing. Embrace not-doing as your creative companion. Fight against internal entropy and life freezes up like a clonic state of mental tug-of-war. Stress. Self-negativity.

Navajo rugs are woven with great skill and care, yet each one contains a hidden flaw purposely introduced by the weaver.

Offer a place in every room, and in every busy day, for the indolent internal trickster. The rectilinear survives in tacit cooperation with the amorphous. Experience the balance of action/purpose and inaction/disorder. Dismiss nothing. Make witness. Mind judo.

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