Monday, November 13, 2006

FIOS Fetches Faster Internet

Few high-speed Internet options are available for the SOHO (small office/home office) setting, thus my exuberance cannot be quelled regarding Verizon's new FIOS Internet service. Small businesses are limited primarily to DSL and fractional T1 lines for Internet access, offered by telephone companies. Although Comcast cable offers Comcast Workplace, this service has been difficult to obtain for my clients.

Although currently restricted geographically to selected southern California cities, FIOS promises Internet access over very fast fiber optic lines. About three times faster than current cable service at a lower price, FIOS is poised to take the SOHO market from DSL.

DSL is ubiquitous but lacking in sufficient speed to provide acceptable service to busy households and small businesses. I think of it as the modern equivalent of dial-up service. It's there if you must use it but cable Internet is faster and more reliable. Cable Internet suffers from lack of availability in small-business commercial buildings leaving a conspicuous gap in service. DSL may be acceptable for one or two users but the limited bandwidth becomes apparent quickly in small offices.

When FIOS will be available in northern California, and how cable service responds to FIOS competition, will be well worth watching in the coming months.

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