Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007: An iPhone Odyssey

A baker's dozen of new AppleTV's tended by duly doting Apple demo staff are mostly ignored by conventioneers at Macworld Expo. Nearby, a single iPhone is on display.

Beneath a dark, adder-bitten Apple. Encased in glass. Heavily guarded. "Don't touch the pedestal!" a gruff guard exhorts. Like a captivating organic fluorescence, spinning inexorably, slowly, at a tempo worthy of an ethereal presence, glowing intermittently, a circle of surrounding humanoids inch closer, jostling slightly as each loses their own worldly bearings—eyes transfixed. The Mac faithful are crowding around the obelisk of devotion, as if scaled down from a Kubrick production. 2007: An iPhone Odyssey.

(photos copyright, FixMacs 2007)

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