Saturday, January 27, 2007

Too Good to Keep Secret — Sofa Control

If you use your Intel Mac as a presentation tool, or if you'd like to control iTunes or other applications from afar, check out Sofa Control.

All Macs include an Apple remote control intended for use with Front Row, the media tool for controlling iTunes and DVD Player remotely. Sofa Control extends that capability to many other applications on your Macintosh. It can be used to run PowerPoint slide shows with the sophistication of highlighting text on screen and switching between full screen and various zoom modes. Sofa Control controls audio content volume as well when needed.

Although it's currently in beta, version 2.0 appears stable and functional with several applications. PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Earth, iPhoto, Safari, and other applications are supported. Sofa Control is now part of my necessary arsenal of Mac utilities.

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