Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cable Internet in the Home Office

For your home office, Internet access choices are limited to DSL and cable. The latter is by far preferred.

For casual use, DSL offers acceptable service at a price less than cable Internet. The savings is well worth the trade-off of slower access in a home setting where Internet access demand can be characterized as casual.

For the home office, I recommend cable Internet for the much faster service. I really don't like DSL in this setting. Getting cable gets you significantly faster Internet access, as I have documented elsewhere in the AppleBlog.

I'm not a fan of any cable company, but the facts are that DSL is a dying breed that will never offer the reliability or speed of cable. If you're serious about your home office, the added expense (tax deductible as a business expense) for cable Internet is well worth it, in my estimation. Switching your home office network from DSL to cable typically takes only a few minutes.

Comcast is offering six months of cable Internet for $20 (read the fine print: the standard rate kicks in thereafter at about $43/month) through the end of April.

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