Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Google Reader: Web Surfing Made Easy

Those of us who frequent the same clutch of websites each day are ready for Google Reader.

Think of Google Reader as the analog to Apple Mail. E-mail from many sources lands in one window in one application for our convenience. Google Reader performs a similar function for collecting web sites as Apple Mail collects e-mail.

With Google Reader we can visit one web page, our Google Reader account, to view summaries of the contents of websites which we stipulate. Personalized, Reader fetches a summary of the websites we tell it to read.

No more clicking on a dozen web browser bookmarks to catch up on the latest. With Google Reader we read a summary of those dozen sites in one Reader window. Want to visit the site? Click on the link in Reader to go directly to the source.

Google Reader is a free tool as essential as Apple Mail on my Mac.

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