Thursday, January 17, 2008

Backing Up Your Data — Painlessly

The call is inevitable. The script written well in advance by Fate:

Picking up the phone, "FixMacs? Can you come over right away? I can't find my files. My Mac has a blinking question mark and I have Fill in the Blank due tomorrow. You can get my files? I don't understand it; my Mac was working fine yesterday."

Question to panicked prospective client, "Do you have a data backup system?"
Caller answers, "No."

Politely; tactfully as I know how I reply, " Sorry, I work with clients on a long-term basis so as to avoid such crises. Sorry, I'm not available. Thanks for calling."

All computers fail. Most computers fail due to a mechanical failure of the hard drive. All hard drives fail eventually.

The single question confronting every computer-user is when, not if, a hard drive will fail. Only three things are certain in life, Death, Taxes, and Data Loss.

With Mac OS 10.5, you get Time Machine backup, and with the new Time Capsule you get a place to put your backups.

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