Friday, February 08, 2008

Identity Theft: Failed Hard Drive Door to Your Data

I found a few entertaining hard-drive-failure videos at YouTube. Some videos show the drives out of the computer and with the platters exposed. Do not try to open a computer hard drive at home, folks!

Healthy, functioning hard drive.

Failed Drives: G4 HD Whine

Click of Doom

When I replace or upgrade drives, I instruct clients to take a hammer to the drive sufficiently to destroy the internal platters which still retain your data. Sometimes I get blank stares in return, but I'm not joking.

Identity thieves have the capability of recovering data from "failed" drives. To prevent identity theft from a discarded hard drive, physically destroy it yourself.

..or send it to a commercial drive-shredding service.

...and now for some

Post-Industrial Play.

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