Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mac Books, Not MacBooks

Books, in some form, will remain valuable learning and entertainment resources forever.
A few books I find useful for Mac users include:

The classic, The Little Mac Book by Robin Williams (no, not the funny guy, but the talented writer). Get it. Surely this is the best intro to the Mac published on paper, and now in Leopard flavor. Learn about crucial fundamentals of the Mac to improve productivity. A computer is a tool. Discover the various Swiss Army knife components of the latest Mac system--Leopard. It's a can opener, it's a saw, it's tweezers...

Then, there is Running Your Small Business on a Mac by Doug Hanley. Shipping in March, I can't attest to the value of this book, but knowing the quality of work put out by publisher Peachpit Press in Berkeley, it's worth a careful look.

Lean and mean Leopard-style, I'm of the mind to grab a diminuative, jam-packed paperback reference, Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide by Chuck Toporek. This book is another classic--don't even think of living without it.

For switchers, David Pogue brings us, Switching to the Mac, Leopard Edition. Time to make the jump from the PC to the Mac, eased by Boot Camp with graceful instructions from this venerable author. Shipping imminently.

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