Friday, February 22, 2008

Pema Chodron

The home office has appetizing carrots dangling:

Exit from the madness of commuting
Flexible schedule

What consumes my thoughts are the dark side of the home office. Conundrums seem to arise out of one central reality. Isolation.

Psychological Isolation
Technological Isolation,
...and paradoxically, also division; separating the archetypal modern intersecting realms of home and work. Hunter-gatherer, pastoral, and agrarian cultures reside in a different zeitgeist. I might stay to the safe side of the road by addressing solely technology. I will begin elsewhere, because as T. S. Eliot suggested, the human mythical journey is as rounded, and as grounded, as a dirt geographic journey.

Pema Chodron offers intriguing thoughts from the perspective of one who has devoted many years to introspection and quiet observation. These are the hallmarks of science, and I would label her a scientist of the human experience. Meditation is observation.

To be still with the noisy phenomenological human condition is a challenging, yet rewarding, clarifying action. Where sitting quietly, doing nothing, transforms into palpable kinetic energy.

For another generation, in a different time, in a different place, everything would be different, or would it?

While staring out into the glowing illusion of computer-screen-pixel-liquid-crystal cyberspace, I stare inward from the glowing illusion of cultural self-space.

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