Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Store Passwords in Your Wallet

I've mentioned Wallet to clients in person, and posted on this previously, but it bears mention again.

Many of us have sensitive passwords used for online banking, shopping, and other purposes. Storing a file on your Mac desktop titled, Passwords, is discouraged.

With Spotlight, storing passwords, regardless of how craftily one names a file with passwords, anywhere on your Mac may be discovered in a matter of seconds. Isn't Spotlight wonderful?

To securely store online banking passwords, credit card billing information, and other sensitive information, I recommend Wallet. For $15, Wallet stores passwords in a highly-encrypted data file that is not easily pried open if your Mac is stolen or otherwise meets prying eyes. Peace of mind comes cheaply sometimes.

The data on your Mac is safe, as long as your Mac is safe. Computers are stolen every day, and wandering eyes abound.

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