Monday, March 03, 2008

Thanks, for the Memories!

Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory
Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory...

Random Access Memory


Computers do not ship with enough....MEMORY.
How do you know this? Add some and find out.
Why aren't they sold with enough memory? Aren't you just trying to spend more of my money?

Apple didn't put enough memory in your Mac because, like all other computer companies, they want to squeeze a few more pennies of profit out of your pocket. It's a scam.

You should know by now that all corporate operations are a balance between fraud and public outrage. If Apple could get away with it, they would ship Macs with no memory, but they can't. You wouldn't like that. What Apple can do is split the difference. Macs are shipped with some memory, but basically, you're getting screwed. To own a Mac that functions as designed, is to run out and buy more memory immediately upon purchase. Enron had the most envied corporate profile. Don't make anything and don't provide any services. Then, spend gobs of money on university-trained public relations staff who put up smoke and mirrors. Then, tell stock holders to "believe in us" by pouring gobs of money into the corporate bank Then, sit back and rake in the dough.

Enron was an extreme form of NORMAL CAPITALISM-- not some bizarre anomaly. The differences between Enron and Apple are only matters of fine details and degree. (Small, locally-owned businesses are fundamentally different from large corporations, though).

Public non-commercial TV---isn't. That's another story altogether, but KQED is running TV commercials, using a newspeak term for them, "30-second credits for major underwriters." This is pure Orwellian destruction of meaning in language. It's a lie, a fraud perpetrated on the increasingly gullible public. KQED is running commercials, and by definition, is no longer non-commercial public TV. The presumption is that the American pubic is either too ignorant (because schools don't really teach anything of value), and/or citizens are too frightened to appear "strident and not a team-player" if they allow themselves to acknowledge the fraud.

Thus, as a consultant, I am stuck between a cultural rock and a corporate hard place. My message goes far beyond Apple, or even the high tech industry. It's the real world. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising. Advertising is propaganda. Advertising is intended to keep you stupid. If I were to design a high school curriculum, the most important class would be, Advertising as Corporate Propaganda.

As Seen on TV!
Buy NOW, and Get One Free!
Money-back Guarantee: Lose 30 lbs in 30 days!
Rare Gold Coins at Cut-rate Prices!
It Slices, It Dices, It's the Miracle Kitchen Helper!
Free Shipping and Handling!
by Doctors Everywhere!

Ninety-percent of computer consulting has nothing to do with technology, it's education. Any honest endeavor in a culture bombarded with efforts to prevent people from thinking, is subversive. Teaching is the most subversive act imaginable, indeed, it brought Socrates the final grief.

Lesson One: We are not consumers. We shall not define ourselves as walking wallets.

So. when I push memory on clients, my most challenging task isn't how to install RAM. Gaining your trust, counter to massive corporate disinformation, is my goal. I strive to be worthy of it.

For those clients who have been with me for some years now, I can only say, "Thanks for the memories." be continued right after this important message from our sponsor.

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