Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The End is Near: PowerPC

Apple has announced the next generation of computer operating system: Snow Leopard. Next year, Mac OS 10.6, code named Snow Leopard will follow the current Leopard operating system by offering compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and an emphasis on system speed.

All well enough, but PowerPC Mac owners are also on notice. Snow Leopard will not be offered for non-Intel Macintosh computers. This spells the end of the line for the many G5's and G4 Macs still in use.

Of course, the PowerPC Macs will continue functioning using Tiger or Leopard. Occasionally, I receive inquires about installing Leopard on G4 Macs. Although this can be done, I don't recommend it. For most users, Leopard on a G4 is money not well spent due to the sluggishness of the combination. Leopard is optimized for G5's and Intel Macs. Snow Leopard will only install on Intel Macs.

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