Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Costco Computer Peripherals

Costco now has good buys on an HP printer, a battery backup, and surge suppressors. Keep in mind that Costco items come and go quickly,.

HP Officejet Pro L 7555 All-In-One Printer. Upon checking the HP website, this model appears to be a close-out. The price of about $130 (after rebate) is worth the consideration for budget-conscious home offices.

APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA
. Battery back-up device for protecting your computer data during sudden power outages. A must-have device, in my opinion. for busy home-offices. Keep working through a brief power outage without data loss or OS corruption due to sudden computer crash caused by loss of electrical power. At $40, the price is about $20 lower than what I have seen for this item elsewhere. Yes, this UPS is compatible with the Infrant ReadyNAS network attached storage. Highly recommended.

Two-pack of surge suppressors for $20. Another office must-have device. Plug all electronic home-office devices into either a UPS or a surge suppressor, but not both.

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