Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Near-term Availability of FixMacs Consulting

Please be advised: That you may have a task or two in your home office, in the near future---

I want to thank all of you for calling upon me to work on your home office computer systems. Your interest is greatly appreciated.

I do want to note that I may be leaving the country for six months or a year. Teaching in Southeast Asia is a possibility. I will know definitively in about a month if I will be departing.

I am so fed up with the neo-fascist political system in the U.S., and the fake parties and fake candidates that I would like a taste of reality. Precious little reality can be found here. Asia is where it is happening. The future lies west in the East. "Go West Not So Young Man" for going west is going East.

If I do go, I won't leave before late September.

As a paleontologist and evolutionary biologist, I may be teaching and working for progressive social change in Southeast Asia. As one who deals in millions of years, one life is rather on the short side of things. There's no time for fakery within the context of my own tiny circles.

Keep in mind that the corporate media, owned by corporations, are operated for the benefit of---- you guessed it, corporations. Sadly, much the same can be now said about the schools, and increasingly so about the colleges, too. Teaching at Sacramento State recently was profoundly depressing, with students unable to read or write simple English,. Then there are the phony corporate politicians, and the fake elections. Tweedle Dee vs. Tweedle Dum. It's a scam. I thought I might find something constructive to do elsewhere on the planet for a while. I will go where everyone knows the government is corrupt., and knows that the U.S. is just another brutal empire. No illusions out there. The astonishing ignorance of the American populace is a tribute to the pervasive indoctrination systems of public education and TV.

"You can't be neutral on a moving train." Howard Zinn. If we are not part of the "fix," then we are part of the problem.

So, the upshot is that if you have home office computer system projects in mind. I will be around until the end of September with a degree of certainty.

Mark Mason

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