Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whither Democracy? Bangkok, Not Denver

While the Democrats offer TV illusions of change in Denver, democracy is breaking out in Bangkok.

People fed up with the corruption in Thailand have taken over the prime minister's compound, Government House, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The future of democracy lies in Asia and South America, not the United States. This is where inspiring progressive movement creeps forward under the pressure of the enlightened and courageous. The U.S. is heading toward a slick neo-fascist state as "Our Leaders" offer alternative visions of fear, and comforting smooth talk. TV offers glowing illusions of expanding opportunity. Obama is just another product of corporate advertising: The telemarketing, infomercial, sound-bite candidate. Mass-produced; pre-packaged, pre-approved, and pre-programmed live-action figure.

As Seen on TV!!! Available soon at an election booth near you!!! Order Obama or McCain now for your free tax-rebate gift!!!

Should politicians be required to wear blazers emblazoned with the logos of the corporations which bankroll their campaigns? NASCAR drivers have no problem with acknowledging that they are bought and sold. Truth in advertising is lacking in American politics.

Bright is the light in Thailand tonight. What the protesters in Bangkok don't know is that they have offered the gift of light to the world. Shame on Denver; shame on the Dems. The Denver sham is too deep and too cynical to survive even the pernicious reality distortion machine of American corporate TV.

Thank you, Bangkok.
Thank you, for your expression of courage.
Thank you, for this gift to we-the-lost in the US. Can we see beyond the Denver dog and pony show? Would it be possible to hear your message through the din of deception in Denver?

While citizens in Bangkok wave flags of freedom...
Democrats in Denver wave flags of AT&T and Lockheed Martin.

(Photos of Bangkok protesters by Gerry Popplestone.)

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