Monday, September 29, 2008

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Is there anything left to be said? Surely, by now, notwithstanding the vast array of propaganda, we all know that McCain, Obama, Congress, the White House, and Wall Street are corrupt. The fiction of capitalism and our smiling leaders is over. Capitalism does generate wealth and prosperity, but for a tiny minority only. When that fiction runs its course, the people use socialism to bail out the faulty capitalists.

It's as if we never learned anything from a hundred years of domination by the wealthy, for the wealthy. Learned nothing. As Gore Vidal proclaims, United States of Amnesia. We should be kind to the public because they only know what the corporate TVs spew out. The American people are always the last to know because they're the last to be told. I can't even blame those who voted for Bush--twice. What did they know? Nothing, really. It's like the so-called presidential debates this past week. A charade. TV game show. Just another episode of irony posing as reality TV.

If the press doesn't tell the people, who will know? If TV news can't get the facts straight whether or not Iraq has WMD, can we rely upon TV news to get the fact straight about Wall Street and capitalism?

I began this series of posts on politics and democracy with some vacillation. Now, I know I made a mistake--I should have broken free earlier.

Where, in the public space, are the role models of ethical and humanitarian ilk? Now I understand the attraction of the enormously popular video game, Grand Theft Auto. I'm anticipating the sequel, Grand Theft Financiers. If you don't know it's a scam, you're not breathing.

The chickens are coming home to roost. Reality prevails, but not before the thieves frighten us with tales of doom lest we not bail out their vanishing chimera.

The revolution will not be televised. Where I live, the city can't afford to pave the streets. I live in the shadow of a Chevron refinery which represents a transnational corporation rolling in dough. In a most concrete manner, the open poverty of unpaved streets surrounds the fenced and guarded streets of gold.

A testament to the infusion of corporate propaganda in American popular culture is evidenced by the lack of civil disobedience on a par with the recent popular rebellion in Bangkok.

Were we a less-indoctrinated bunch, the American people would do likewise. It's coming. As post-modern psychics, we read the cracked palms of civic poverty writ large upon the boulevards fortelling the future.

Strategery Capital Management LLC

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